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Slowly she pulled them down and saw to her amazement a 3 inch penis staring at her Carolyn Reese And Guy. Jack looked at her asking her permission to go on and she agreed - Gunther's 93rd Birthday Bash (8 min) 1 – Gunther's 93rd Birthday Bash (8 min)

He pushed her back, and slipped off her panty, gazed upon her hairy bush, that she had no motive to shave, as her womanhood was long abandoned, and he brushed the hair aside with his fingers, till he reached her engorged clitoris, he literally and mercilessly ate it!

She was lying there, vigorously shaking, and tremoring in waves of orgasm, which was followed by another, and another, till she just couldn’t open her eyes for one second, he then entered her heavily flooded vagina, with his tongue, and licked for some time, till she was nearly lost it,

Auntie (Noga)…. - Gunther's 93rd Birthday Bash (8 min) 2 – Gunther's 93rd Birthday Bash (8 min)

He was naked, and his cock, the same size as his brother's, quickly got hard at the sights in the kitchen, As they sat around recovering, Carol told them a story about the fun she had had that morning, entitled “Carol's Animal Adventures”

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Date: November 8, 2021