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WC Hot Vteen Thu Lan 2015 (7) (42 min)


She moaned loudly . I cummed inside her pussy and relaxed in the same position for some time
WC Hot Vteen Thu Lan  2015  (7) (42 min) 1

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WC Hot Vteen Thu Lan 2015 (7) (42 min)

When we woke up we ate beak fast and went swimming played softball and ran around me and Derek didn’t really talk then mia asked if I could spend the night a gain and I heard jaydon ask Derek if he could to we both said we could and we played for the rest of the day we watched another movie

Then it was time for bed again jaydon and mia fell asleep we went up stairs and got on mias bed we didn’t waist time we got undressed and started making out he got hard so I started to suck his dick again he started moaning and then he pulled me down to the bed and we started to make out some more he reached his hand over and started to fell my boobs and I started moaning he was very horny so was I we got on the bead and he asked if we should fuck now all I could say was “yes fuck me now”

We were both virgins before I showed him my boobs I don’t think he had ever seen boobs before he laid me down on the bed and got on top of me and started to put his dick in my pussy he did 1 hard trust and I screamed luckily no one woke up he started out going slow but I told him to go faster and so he went faster and herder I was moaning then it burst out into a full blown orgasm we were both going crazy then he pulled out and cumed all over me

We were tired but we had to shower off first we got in the shower and he picked me up and kissed me then he put me down and I moved my pussy onto his dick we started fucking again in the shower while we were fucking he was playing with my nipples and they were rock hard he started sucking them and out of know were stopped and said he was going to cum I told him to cum in my pussy he did and it felt so good

He said next time we spend the night together that we would try different styles of sex so then we went to sleep and in the morning mia asked is I would like to spend the night again so said I could we were having so much fun I said we should go swimming again I asked her if I could barrow a bathing suit hers were all to small for me so when I went out to see the guys they could only stare at my breasts

If I get good reviews I will put up the sequels and my other firsts please comment, m now we were still so horny we sated to make out again and then he said that we were basically going out I was so happy because I’d never had a really hot boyfriend before he said that he was going to take a shower so I joined him his cock was soft now but when we go in the shower I dropped down and started rubbing his cock again the he pulled me up and stared licking all over my boobs he asked if we should fuck I said that we should wait till next time I have a sleep over with mia he said ok so then we got dressed and went back down stairs and then we fell asleep .

WC Hot Vteen Thu Lan  2015  (7) (42 min) 2

WC Hot Vteen Thu Lan 2015 (7) (42 min)

'Really?' she asked 'Room 13?'

He hadn't picked the number deliberately for any scary connotations it might hold, it just happened to be the room with the least amount of damage, and the only room with the windows still intact, Click here. Alana had been shorter than Lucy, and thinner, but with beautiful soft curves, particularly the hips, and an outstanding beauty to her face that made her the envy of the social scene at the time

Duration: 42 minCountry: Vietnam

Date: October 2, 2021