Smalltits JBD-270 The Purgatory Of A Female Special Investigator Angy Akane Fuji Tribbing

Smalltits JBD-270 The Purgatory Of A Female Special Investigator Angy Akane Fuji Tribbing play

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. I followed the leg until it got to the taloned foot. ” She had turned to face me as she answered

If she spoke about it at all, my career was finished.

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Jack was desperate! He was down to his last c-note, and with no real job prospects, he was starting to get the feeling that he wasn't long for his apartment and would soon be out on the street. With a practiced eye, Jill walked around him, checking out every square inch of him, making sure that everything was just right! Jill Hadley was not an unattractive lady, and much to Jack's discomfort, his penis began to stiffen uncontrollably under her steady gaze! "I'm sorry, ma'am," he stammered, "but I can't help it!!!" Jill just chuckled and reached out and took his member in her soft hand and began gently jerking him, causing his legs grow weak and rubbery! "You have to get used to this," Jill said softly, "in the next few days a lot of women are going to be touching your pecker, and on more than one occasion you'll more than likely shoot a load of cum!" Jack nodded dumbly, the sweat now breaking out on his forehead while Jill leaned over and whispered softly in his ear, "Do you want me to suck you off, I think you need it!?!" Through dry lips Jack replied unevenly, "Oh please, yes, suck me off!!!" Jill sat down on the edge of the couch and pulled the erect cock to her warm mouth and let it slip in, caressing the large head with her smooth tongue

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. Every day he walked to the library and poured over the classified ads looking for a job but it was becoming increasingly apparent that he probably would have to take a menial service job at a fast food restaurant
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The Purgatory Of A Female Special Investigator Angy Akane Fuji

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